October 13, 2012

GF Celebrations

I am not a huge fan of sandwiches... outside of a BLT I am not tempted by sandwiches.  The occasional hamburger is nice but I don't have to have that either so the bread part of going gluten free... or the lack of bread, is not a huge issue for me.  I do enjoy pasta but the gluten free pastas will suffice.  They even offer gluten free pizzas now at a few of the pizza places in town, so that is not too hard to do without.  The hardest part about going gluten free for me are the celebrations.  I love pie and cake and cookies and all those wonderful treats we make to celebrate special occasions.  

I spent some time this week playing with some GF cupcake making and I am hoping to work on cake, cookies and pie crusts over the coming weeks.  I just have to find a new way to celebrate.  I want to still bake things my family loves but I don't want to be sitting at the end of the table watching them all enjoy the goodies while I cannot eat anything.  

I am thinking the eating out part won't be easy either but we don't eat out much so it probably won't come up a whole lot.  I will have the occasional scout event where I might have to take my own meals.  I have an event coming up that is a spaghetti dinner.  I am hoping to prepare some gluten free pasta ahead of time to pack and then just add the sauce and salad there.  I might have to pack my own vinaigrette, too, but I can make it work.  It will just take some planning ahead and having an out when I cannot eat something that is being served.  

I am testing recipes daily to see what will work for me.  I am testing ideas for the coming holiday celebrations.  I want to be able to have that pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving and those scones that we eat on Christmas morning and the Christmas cookies to decorate with the children and the pancakes we have on Sundays when we eat together before church and the birthday cakes or brownies as a special treat for after dinner from time to time, and, and, and....  I am trying to find a way we can all have our cake and eat it, too.

So, we can have a gluten free cupcake and celebrate!

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