October 25, 2012

GF for Lupus Patients and Other Autoimmune Issues

Since I am now a Lupus patient this is of particular interest to me but it is good information for a whole slew of autoimmune disorders.  It has been found that some people with autoimmune disorders and diseases might benefit greatly from taking gluten and wheat out of their diets.  Allergies and sensitivities can exacerbate autoimmune and connective tissue diseases.  It is worth taking a look to see if this is relevant information for you.  Here are some articles that I have been reading this week...

The Lupus and Gluten Connection (One woman's story)

There is some research but every case is so individual and unique.  More research is being done each year on ways to alleviate symptoms and bring relief to those who struggle each day with autoimmune disorders and diseases.  Eating gluten free might work for some but not for others.  I have been on an elimination diet and when I have reintroduced wheat I have had reactions so I know there is an issue in my case.  You may see no difference but it might be worth your time to try it and see how your body responds.   I wish there was more information online but it still seems limited.  One book I found that addresses some of these issues (I must warn you I have not read it but am considering it) is a book called The Lupus Recovery Diet by Jill Harrington.  

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