October 26, 2012

GF Halloween Treats...

Pumpkin and Apples are very seasonal and are naturally gluten free so enjoy those and look for GF recipes that highlight these treats.  Nuts and seeds are in season right now, too. so enjoy those in your favorite recipes.

We would be remiss if we did not talk about candy.  I know... sugar is not good for you and corn syrup is horrible but sometimes you want a little candy.  So, here is the official 2012 list of Gluten Free treats for the goodie bags this year.  In case that list is not big enough here is another page with a few other items included.

My Faves....

Certain brands of Candy Corn are gluten free

Tootsie Rolls are GF

Snicker's Bars are GF

These three make me happy!  :)

Here are some links to some Homemade Halloween Treats to make at home...

10 Gluten-Free Halloween Candy Recipes

(or other shapes you might choose to do)

Remember Chex Mixes???  Now there is a whole line of Gluten Free Chex and a page full of recipes to use them.  YUM!!!

For the Savory Side.... 

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