October 21, 2012

GF... More Than Food

In my time researching the life of a celiac or gluten and wheat sensitive person, I have discovered that gluten and wheat is in more than food.  A person who has to be off of gluten has to read labels and ask questions all the time.  Gluten can be in your vitamins and medications from the pharmacy or in your child's Playdoh.  Gluten can be in products you use every day and someone with a really serious sensitivity can have this effect their skin and be absorbed into the bloodstream which can cause some serious reactions.  Below is a list of articles and lists that can help you to determine what might be a problem for you and how to find items that are gluten free.

Info on Gluten in Vitamins, Prescription Drugs and Medications

Do Your Vitamins and Medication Contain Gluten?

How to Read a Food Label to Find Gluten

Other Words that Mean There is Gluten in the Product

Hidden Ingredients Containing Wheat or Gluten

Hidden Sources of Gluten (non-food included)

Sources of Hidden Gluten in Non-Food Products (pills, makeup, cleaners, etc...)

List of Gluten Free Products

Massive Product List for the Autism Diet

Gluten Free Cosmetics Page

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