October 22, 2012

Library Resource...

Today is a wash for a very informative post.  I spent the entire day in Las Cruces, New Mexico with a doctor's appointment, running some errands, a stop at a local used bookstore to trade out old books for new and a trip to the local Mountain View Coop for a some gluten free goodies... a GF/DF almond cheese to play with, a new breakfast cereal and a bit of exploring the other cool items they have at this local health food store.  It is a neat little place!  I also checked a book out of the library...

Tomorrow I am cooking for a client and starting a new medication.  I will wait until I am done cooking to put new meds in.  I am never sure how my body will react to new meds.  LOL 

Anyway, this book looks like a very helpful and informative book.  I look forward to digging in.

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