October 07, 2012

My Favorites...

I have been researching gluten free for a few years and these are my very favorite sites to visit when I have a question... need information.... or just need a trusted recipe for gluten free items.  So pour a cuppa  your favorite gluten free beverage and have a look around.

Gluten Free Cooking School - lots of free info plus classes you can take to get you through the learning and starting part.

Kitchen Therapy - loaded with great information and recipes but sadly, Linda is no longer writing for it because she passed away this past summer from cancer.  They have left it up and it is still a great resource.

Delightfully Gluten Free - very yummy site!

Gluten Free Girl and the Chef - Shauna James Ahern's site (author of Gluten Free Girl)

Ginger Lemon Girl - author of Gluten Free Slow Cooker book (most recently) with lots of good stuff on her site including support and encouragement groups.

Elana's Pantry - Kosher and Paleo, too... great site!

Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom 

Daily Bites from the Pure Kitchen - a nutritionist who writes about health and eating for your needs.  Gluten free is just a part of what she writes about but her blog is very educational!

Gluten Free on a Shoestring - budget conscious gluten free blogger

Laura's Gluten Free Pantry - lots of helps here with a weekly blog hopping link up.

The Spunky Coconut - very homey blog with more than food for the gluten free eater... products and information about living gluten free as well as casien (dairy) free.

Gluten Free Homemaker  - I love that she shares menus with us!

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