October 09, 2012

Not just for Celiac Sprue

Should everyone go gluten free?  I would say no but there are other reasons to become gluten free than Celiac Sprue.  If you can eat wheat with no reaction of any kind then go ahead and enjoy it.

Do you have a gluten sensitivity?

Gluten Intolerance and how to go gluten free

Gluten Sensitivity or Intolerance information

Do you have a wheat allergy?

Wheat Allergy Symptoms

Wheat Allergy or Intolerance

Are you suffering from an Autoimmune disorder or disease?

Type 1 diabetes
Celiac disease
Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
Rheumatoid arthritis

Crohn's Disease

There may be a connection with gluten and all of these conditions.  This is speculation but if cutting gluten in these cases makes you feel better then that is a win for sure.

So, should some people go off gluten and wheat?  Yes

Should ALL people get off of gluten and wheat?  No, if you don't have to then don't.  It is high in fiber and loaded with things your body needs.

Here is an article about what getting off gluten for dieting purposes when you don't need to can do to you. Too many people are embracing it as a form of losing weight and that is not healthy.  It is not for everyone and even if it is a fad or a trend it may not be a good one.  Speak with a doctor... don't quit gluten or wheat before you test for any of these sensitivities or allergies or Celiac because you might get a false negative read if you are really sick.  Once you have a diagnosis make sure you follow doctor's instructions and if you have a nutritionist then follow those orders, too.

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