October 08, 2012

Satisfying the Cravings...

I used to be a huge bread eater but I have decreased my bread intake over the last several years.  Bread is comforting and filling so, as I have taken gluten items out of my diet more and more, I have found that I can substitute potatoes to bring about that comfort food effect.  Then, I started reading about how bad potatoes are for you and how eating starch is making people fat.  I began to question if that was true or not because potatoes are loaded with potassium and that is what the doctor has told my husband to eat... more foods with potassium such as potatoes and bananas and dried fruits.  So, I began to look around at the facts and here is what I found about potatoes...

*   Potatoes are GLUTEN FREE

*   a standard sized serving of potato eaten with the skin on is just 110 calories

*   It is very high in fiber (which people eating a gluten free diet need more of)

*   It is packed with potassium which helps to lower blood pressure

*   Has nearly half of the Daily Value of Vitamin C

*   They are quite affordable even on the tightest of budgets

*   The more colorful the potato the more antioxidants the potato has

*   The potato also provides B6 and Iron and other trace minerals that you need daily.

For more information on the potato and nutrition check out the 2012 Potato Nutrition Handbook in pdf format.

I must tell you that I do add real butter to mine and a little herb blend with salt and pepper to make a lovely lunch served with a side salad.  There are hundreds of ways to eat a potato (not all so healthy but they are all delicious, I am sure)  so play with your food... add stuff you love and see what happens.  

Just this past week my friend Becky shared this on her 31 day journey, too...  good stuff!

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