October 15, 2012

What CAN I Eat?

When we talk about special diets, we often find ourselves talking about all the foods we cannot eat.  With gluten free the list of foods that contain gluten really seems to be large so that leaves us asking.... Well, then what CAN I eat?  The good news is that the list of what we CAN eat far exceeds the list of things we CANNOT eat.  Here are some helps for you as you start your journey.  Check out the last link for a video series on getting started that is very well done.

I hope these links will help you with that question...

Gluten Free Food List - (and the original version of that list)

What's Allowed and What's Not

Gluten Free Food List

Printable Gluten Free Shopping Lists

Gluten Free Made Easy... printable guide to keep handy

Gluten Free List Page with links and videos - really awesome link full of info!

One More List of Gluten Free Foods to Eat

Don't forget to check out the Gluten Free Meal Plan with  www.emeals.com menu plan and shopping lists.  It is a great resource, especially when you are just finding your way in this.

A few other meal plan sites for gluten free...

Food On the Table

Eating Well... 7 Day Eating Plan for Gluten Free

Amy's Gluten Free Menu Plan

Gluten Free Meal Planning (making your own plan guidelines)

Musings of a Housewife - weekly menu plan shared on her blog

Gluten Free Meal Planning and Food Info

An About.com Gluten Free Videos Page

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