January 29, 2013

My love for tea...

I have been a tea lover for a very long time.  I love coffee, too, but I really love the relaxing almost medicinal way that tea effects me.  I have a tea for every occasion.  Here is a glimpse into my tea stuff...
 My favorite Stainless Steel Pot... makes about 3-4 cups of tea at one time.  
It needs a cozy, though.... I need to crochet one soon.

 This is a crocheted tea holder.  I made it in a few hours... a crochet basket is a cute way to display your tea when you have guests.  Easy to leaf through and choose one for after dinner enjoyment.

 a little tray to serve from... I have a few trays for this purpose.

 My tea ball for loose leaf tea.  
The little green cannister in the corner is a Japanese Matcha Tea Powder.

 This is a handy little tea strainer... I think this one came from Pampered Chef as a give-away from a party I attended.

 It is nice to have some fresh cinnamon and nutmeg to sprinkle into some of the herbal or black teas.

 My new favorite honey... from Nature Nate's in Frisco, Texas.

 This gorgeous little teapot came from my husband.  
He bought it for me in our first home.

 This is a little tea set Emily and I used to enjoy together.  
I will either pass it on to her or save it to use with my grandbabies someday.  

 My tea kettle... recently shined and used daily.

Some very cool magnets that used to live on my Meemaw's refrigerator... they now live on mine.  
I know they are over 50 years old.  I love the memories they hold for me.

So, now you know.... my love for tea has been a lifetime in the making.  LOL

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