February 01, 2013

Tea Time for 2013

I started taking tea a few weeks ago.... or taking a tea break.  

Every afternoon sometime between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm I start up the tea kettle, put a teabag in one of my favorite mugs (beaker) and then take that tea and sit down.  I sit and savor tea while relaxing and on some days I even take a longer break for a bit of a movie or an episode of Downton Abbey.  

I love this time each day.... I am even anticipating it now.  

My body has taken to missing it when I don't have it... which happens on days that I am cooking for clients sometimes.  I am even keeping teabags in my  purse so that I have one when I am out and about and can find time to get some hot water.  

It might become necessary, at some point, to make an emergency tea kit!  LOL

Here are so links to encourage us to take time each day to sit down and take a break.  

The benefits of taking tea are real...

What about Elevenses?

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