January 31, 2013

Where to find tea...

You can start with your local grocery store or a tea store but if you have trouble finding just what you are looking for you can always check online.  Here are some of my favorites and some recommendations from friends taken from a quick survey I did on Facebook a few days ago.  Mint seems to be the flavor of choice for many people, too.  You can buy your mint in the form of mint infused black tea or peppermint caffeine free made from mint leaves.  Fruit teas seem to be pretty popular among my friends, too.  They are certainly yummy and can be served over ice in the summer for a nice refreshing treat.  

Click on one of the links below to head to their website or you can look them up on places like Amazon.com to see if you can order from the grocery section.  



So, did I leave your favorite off the list?  Please share your favorite tea sources and I will add them.  Also, feel free to share your favorite flavor with us.  

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