April 14, 2013

New To Me...

I met Nigel Slater today.... not in real life.  LOL

I met him by way of the movie Toast.

It is a very interesting movie based on the Memoir of Nigel Slater by the same name.  I found it on Netflix Watch Now.  The most fascinating part for me was the progression toward becoming a professional caterer and what drove him toward that life.  I had just had someone ask me if I had seen it and so I looked it up and there it was.... just waiting to be discovered.  It won't win any Academy Awards but it has it's moments.  My favorite part is when he becomes enrolled in a Home Economics class and the determination he showed in learning to bake a Lemon Meringue Pie.  He was certainly driven...

Nigel is a food writer in the UK for The Observer and he has written a plethora of books on food, gardening and cooking.  He also has had several video series over the years on food.

Slater has his own website which is simply his name so it is easy to remember...  www.nigelslater.com.

He is a home cook (not a chef - as he shares right up front), a writer and a gardener....
I cannot wait to discover more.

Here is a little bit about him in video form.

I think I will be looking for some of his books and videos on YouTube to investigate more!

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  1. He's not my favourite tv cook and one of my kids thinks he's a bit obnoxious in some ways, but we enjoyed that series you shared the clip from.