May 07, 2013

Well, Howdy!

Hello from our family...

Things, they are a'changing around here.  Some things are not ready to be spilled yet but for right now I have decided to close shop on my personal chef endeavors at this time.  The cost of food and the lack of people who are willing to pay for the full service has made it impossible to make any extra money for our family at this time.  People are cutting back and I get that.  

I can no longer afford to work outside of my home.  Texas allows for me to run a baking business from my own home so I am going to provide baking services only.  Baking is really my favorite anyway.  I will be providing individual orders for cakes, pies, cookies, cupcakes and other specialty items.  I won't be available for catering but for a pick up service only.  

I am baking more and more gluten free things for my family so those will be available for purchase, too.  I will have specific times when I will do gluten free so that I can make arrangements in my kitchen to have it as wheat free as humanly possible.  

In other news, I am currently working on a family cookbook project for our upcoming family reunion.  It will be full of recipes that each side of the family has submitted and it will only be available for the family but it is such a great experience for me to be able to do this for our 50th reunion anniversary.  One of my Sisters-in-law has put together a children's section and many family members have submitted some very delicious contributions so it totally a group effort.  It has been a real treat to look at old recipes, photos and stories each person has submitted.

Some changes are coming here as far as blogging goes, too.  I am going to be combining my personal blog with this blog.  I just need to be in one place on a regular basis instead of splitting my time between two blogs and barely writing.  I want to feel like I can share ALL my interests in one place so this will still have lots of cooking and recipes but it will also have movies, books, crochet, gardening, projects, faith and family, etc...  all in ONE PLACE.  There is no sense in splitting who I am any longer.  :)

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