July 28, 2013

Grand Opening...

I won't do this often because this is a personal blog but I have just become a new Pampered Chef Consultant.  It feels like such a perfect fit for me because of how family friendly it is.  I love that the company encourages meals and fellowship around the table together and the products are high quality and durable for everyday use and I can sure be hard on a product so I know how well they hold up.  LOL

I am having my Grand Opening Launching Party on Tuesday and wanted to just let you know.  We will be closing the show on Tuesday night to end the show in July so I ask that you act quickly if you want to help out.

If you love Pampered Chef and/or want to help me meet my goal for this party please head over to my launch page and place an order.  All the information is there with a link to the catalog and a place to tell me you are attending by online order.

Thank you for considering supporting me in this new venture.

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