July 26, 2013

Slower Days

I have to admit I am truly enjoying a slower schedule lately.  I am trying not to put too much back into it.  There is joy in puttering and routine.  There is joy in slow starts in the mornings and slower evenings with time for movies and games with the family.  

I am spending my mornings here lately...

Outside in the garden... under the trees.  This particular shot is taken from my sunflower area.  I am sad that I only have one sunflower this year because none of my other seeds came up.  I chalk it up to the fact that the package was a few years old and we had horrible heat during June that just killed so much of my garden this year.  We were not able to keep up with the water on the garden due to some serious drought conditions we have endured this year here in the Southwest.

But, we have since had a bit of rain... not earth shattering, record breaking rain but rain... enough to green up some things.  The mornings for the past two weeks have been very nice.  We have started our days in the mid to upper 60's and a few mornings I even needed a light sweater to tool around in the garden in.  

I am enjoying my purple Adirondack chair and table set this year more due to the coolness of the mornings.  I spend time reading... in my Bible and in whatever book I am reading at the time.  I recently finished a book called Barnheart by Jenna Woginrich.  

I enjoyed it very much.  So much, in fact, that I picked up her prequel called Made From Scratch and hope to start it this weekend.

Dan and the boys cleaned the yard up this morning and cut the grass.  I always love yard cleaning days.  I am drawn back to the Adirondack on those days following because it is so lovely out when everything is cleaned and properly in it's place.

I have also had a lot more time for birdwatching.  We put this cute little "Coleman Lantern" birdfeeder out and the birds come by the double digits to partake.  It is just outside my dining room window so I can watch as I enjoy a meal.  They are so curious to watch.  They take turns and if one is taking too long of a turn at the feeder another will gently nudge them to get their own turn.  The feeder is designed to be for smaller birds so the finches tend to be the ones coming regularly.  Occasionally a rather large dove or quail will show up and they cannot quite get to the feeder.  They will try several different angles and then fly away in frustration.  Sometimes they sit longingly watching as the finches enjoy their meal.  Such curious animals, indeed.

I am longing more and more for something in the way of a farm out in the country but for now, I am making this little suburban homestead a place of peace and enjoyment.  

As I sit here typing at the dining room table I have just spied my first orange hummingbird of the year.  We have had a plethora of hummingbirds in our yard this year.  We have seen several nests around our yard.  One is even perched in one of our climbing rose bushes up close to the house.  They are fascinating birds.  We have been thrilled to see a mama nesting and then the babies learning to fly.  We still have a nest of swallows on our front porch and we cannot bring ourselves to get ride of the nest once they leave for the season.  They always come back and use it the next year and we get the privilege of watching the cycle happen over and over again.  

Well, I have become intrigued by this little orange hummingbird.  I need to go see more.  

Until next time... take time to slow down and enjoy the little things.



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