August 24, 2013

Baking Pies Once a Week

I have started baking pies again to sell.  I have set aside Thursdays for baking days and as the weather turns cooler I will be adding quick breads, yeast breads and rolls and other things like muffins, granola, scones, etc...  I bake them in my home and sell them locally.  

Right now I am baking seasonal fruit pies... peach, berry, apple, etc. 

This is a gluten free apple and I make traditional apple, too... with crumble or lattice top.

This one is a Paleo Peach.... absolutely no sugar or high carb ingredients outside of the fruit itself.  Made with almond flour, agave and fruit.  This picture is so you can see the fruit under the topping and below is the finished pie with full topping.

This is a traditional peach pie with lattice top... I can also do a crumble topping on this one, too.

This is a mixed fruit one with peach and blueberry.

Some days there's pie and these days that day is Thursday...  

Please place your order by Wednesday to get on the list for the Friday delivery or pick-up.

Thank you for supporting our little local home bakery and our family!

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