August 12, 2013

Garden goodies

We put this new bed in this year and I have some summer squash in one corner and a very tiny tomato plant that has not been thriving well in the front top corner.  The squash have finally taken off and I am getting yellow and zucchini squash a little more regularly now.  I am hoping they will last into September... longer if we are lucky.

Here is a peek into the yellow squash undergrowth...

This has officially become my herb bed.  I have the large rosemary in the middle and oregano and basil growing well right now.  I just added seeds for fall for thyme, tarragon, dill, chive and cilantro... I even put a little lavender to see how it will do.  This only gets partial sun during the day so it is better for plants that don't love the heat so much.  In the bed directly behind this one there is a plethora of mint and one little tuft of more oregano on the end.  I use herbs straight from the garden a lot now.

A rose... I have several rose bushes in the garden and they are enjoying the cooler weather we have had over the last several weeks.  When it is extremely hot we don't see many flowers but in spring and late fall we see a lot more.  We have had some nice cool weather... unusually cool, really.  It has been nice to have some cloud cover and a spot of rain every couple of days.  The yard and beds are greening up nicely in the milder temps.

Some close ups... my basil.... which came back from seed dropped during the winter last year.  I am hoping it will double again over the winter.  I will just let it go to seed later in the fall and then we will see what happens.  

Oregano... this grows in shoots... vining out and starting new shoots.  It is super simple to grow.

Some peppermint... it smells so lovely and this makes a nice mint tea or add it to some lemon and cucumber vitamin water in the fridge and enjoy it on those hot afternoons.

A little yellow squash harvest from this past weekend.  They were delicious!

Cooked up with a curried chicken and rice for dinner on Saturday night.  It just melted in our mouths!  YUM!!!

There is also a pumpkin patch and a very large sunflower growing, too... I will share my pumpkin patch soon.  I planted some corn with the pumpkin this year.  More on that later.  :)

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