August 03, 2013

More Hill Country Travels

This little ranch is tucked nicely into the Wimberley, Texas community.  They grow olive trees in an orchard and a small vegetable and flower garden.  They also have a grape vineyard.

See those little olives?

They produce fresh first press virgin olive oil and infuse it with a variety of herbs and garlic.  They also produce balsamic vinegar varieties, bath and body products, jellies, jams, etc...

They sell trees, too.

This particular shot is a bed of asparagus plants they were growing along the fence area.

A lovely hibiscus plant...

As you go into the tasting area they will let you try the different infused oils and such.  They have a nice fragrance and a little bite at the end which is a bit peppery.

Here is one of their product shelves.

Their soaps are pretty pricey but they are lovely!  They have three wonderful fragrances and they are so nice to your skin.  I wish I knew how to make soap!  I may have to learn this skill soon.

Here is a shot of the vineyard.

Another shot of the vineyard.

My little tree that I brought home... now we will be babying it until next March and then it goes into the ground.  They are drought resistant, self pollinating and grow well in the sandy soil of the desert.

I brought a little treasure home with me, too...

If you get to Wimberley I highly recommend that make a trip out to this orchard and vineyard for one of their tours and sample the oil and wine.

Check out the website link at the top for more details and pictures of this lovely place.

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