August 05, 2013

On the River...

When we were in Wimberley we stayed in one of the cabins on the river.  We had a little porch area that looked out onto the River Road and every morning we would sit out on the porch and drink coffee.  There were ducks and whole variety of other birds.  If we were up early enough there were lots of deer grazing in the area with their new fawns alongside.  Some were so young they still had their spots.  They were so beautiful!  It was often too dark still to really snap a good picture but the ducks were out as the sun was higher in the sky.

The last morning we were there was a Sunday morning.  Just the day before there were crowds of people all up and down the river with their coolers and inner tubes and trash.  It was a pretty big mess but Sunday morning... this... was so peaceful and lovely.

The water was still and as I stood on the bridge that crossed over into a housing area I could see fish rise and turtles and all sorts of quiet little wildlife that could not be found the day before.

The sun peeked over the trees and the water was rippling softly over the rocks.  In the desert we don't get this little pleasure... even on the Rio Grande.  This was such a nice treat.

This is the Blanco River... in Wimberley, Texas.

For more information about the area and the waterways you can go here.

I always enjoy my time here... I hope, if you ever get to the San Antonio/Austin area that you will find this little treasure and spend some time here.  Wimberley is a family tradition with us that I always look forward to each year.

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