August 06, 2013

Pizza for Dinner

 It has been some time since I have made a homemade pizza.  The right tools always make it easier so when I got my Pampered Chef kit in the mail I decided to break everything out and test run the new tools.  I am not one to use a lot of single use uni-taskers so I was hoping that these items would serve a multitude of tasks.  To my delight they certainly do...

My new Simple Slicer is fantastic.  I have used Mandolins in culinary school and they are typically quite dangerous.  This particular handheld version is very safe with a guard and holding device.

I chose, this day, to slice some zucchini fresh from the garden.  They turned out uniform and beautiful.  I used them to top our pizza instead of pepperoni.

I was also able to try out my new cutting board and knife and the knife cut through the tomatoes like paper.  

When I make pizza I use a whole wheat crust and this particular one I rolled out and then shaped into the Bar Pan.  I love the stoneware products because they cook evenly and the bottom is cooked through just like the side crusts and so there is never a soggy spot in the dough.

The Bar Pan can simply be seasoned using your favorite oil or cook some bacon on it in the oven.  Once the pan is seasoned you hardly have to wash it... just run it under hot water and get the bits and such off or use a sponge without soap to scrub it down.  If for some reason you have to use a little soap it is easy to re-season it again.

So, I shaped the dough... topped it with a sauce, some cheese and then veggies and baked it.

It turned out beautifully and evenly cooked.  The cleanup was simple, too.

The pizza cutter and small spatula are great multipurpose tools, too.  
For the month of August you get a free pizza cutter with a $60.00 or more purchase and you can choose a Simple Slicer as one of the discounted items this month.  

If you are interested in any of these tools for your kitchen please feel free to contact me or head over to my Pampered Chef page to order your items today.  

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