August 25, 2013

Project for a bedroom redo

We have recently taken on the task of painting Em's bedroom this summer.  We painted the boys room last summer and I suppose, we might be doing my bedroom next summer.

One of the things we did was paint her door... the back of her door where she would see it in her room with her door closed.  If you are a Doctor Who fan you already know what this is but if you are not then it is a TARDIS  (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space).  It is a time machine from Doctor Who.

I started by taping off the area that would be painted.

I did three layers of white and then retaped to do the top with black.

Once it was done and dry I removed the tape and there it is.... the TARDIS windows.
I still want to do the writing on it but I will need to get some stencils but for now it needed to be back up.

Now it is in place....

and my time traveling companion is ready for her adventures!

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