August 28, 2013

Using my latest kitchen tools...

I have recently added Pampered Chef Consultant to my roles in my family.  It really fits with our family goals, lifestyle and schedule and I LOVE the products.  I thought I would share some of my favorites.

In this photo I have that Bar Pan... I literally use it EVERY SINGLE DAY for something.  This particular day I am roasting potatoes in it.  I have baked breads, biscuits, scones, etc... on it.  I have cooked fish and chicken on it. It is great for baking bar cookies or brownies.  I simply seasoned it by cooking bacon on it RIGHT IN THE OVEN.  It is a fantastic multi-purpose item that is a staple in my kitchen.

Also shown with it is a PC cutting board, knife and pinch bowl.  I use them daily, too.

The pinch bowls have lids and you can store salt, pepper, and other seasonings that you are working with regularly and then pop that lid on them for easy storage.  If I am in the kitchen working one of these is out and being used.  

This is my new go-to cooking tool... the Deep Covered Baker.  I roast chicken in it, make a pot pie, pumpkin pudding, a variety of other casseroles, roasted tenderloin or beef roasts.  It is a magic pot!  You can even cook pasta dishes in it.  I understand that it can used in oven or microwave but I have only used it in the oven.  It is a bit too large for my microwave but I typically don't use the microwave much anyway.

Here is a chicken I roasted over onion and celery and the broth it made was later used to make a sauce base for my chicken pot pie later in the week.  

I am also using this little multi-purpose bowl that folds down for storing.  I love it so much I will be getting one for our travel trailer.  It is very handy and easily stored in small spaces like a trailer kitchen.  It comes in the three sizes and this is the middle size that I have.  I use it for salads and fruit a lot.

Just some fun tools I use daily around here.  You can click on my Pampered Chef Consultant Logo for information on any or all of these items and order from me right online.

Do you have a favorite Pampered Chef item you use daily?  

What item would you recommend for every home cook?

Please share with us...

Thanks for stopping by today!  

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  1. Bar Pan, Knives, Scrapers, Garlic Press, and Ginger Grater get nearly daily use at my house.