September 16, 2013

Fall Gardening...

I have recently shared my herb garden, pumpkin patch and the end of summer bounty of zucchini that is in my yard but I am working on a fall garden right now, too.  I have carrots that are growing and, to be honest, unless I was growing an acre of carrots it is probably not a very good use of my time and resources but it is the first time we have tried carrots and it is a learning experience.  I tried to plant beets, too, and they are not doing well.  I think I planted the seeds too deep.  I will try again and see how those turn out.  

I put in some other herbs and onions and they did not do well.  I think those did not take because they were older seeds and that truly does make a difference for some things.  Again... it is all a great big experiment for me at this point.  

I am already thinking about spring planting, too, and scouring seed catalogs to price everything so I can save my pennies and order around Christmas.

Now, what does one put into a fall garden in the desert southwest?

I am adding a new attempt at beets

I am hoping to get my hands on some broccoli seeds and definitely Swiss chard, collard greens, radishes, garlic, leeks, spinach and a few other lettuce greens and maybe adding a new batch of carrots and onions.  I will plant more herb seeds in October to prep the bed for the spring.  I have basil and mint going to seed over the next month so they should come back in spring, too.

The pumpkin count this morning was 9 that we could see in the growth of vines.  There could be more but we won't really dig around and see them until everything starts to turn orange.  We got 12 last year and I planted about the same amount this year.  I tried my hand at planting some harvested seeds from last year's crop to see how they would come back but I don't see any pumpkins on that plant right now.  It could change at any time but no luck yet...

Did I tell you we have tomatoes... FINALLY!?!?  My poor little tomato plant struggled all summer and I refused to pull it out but with all the rain and cooler temps it has picked up and we counted about a dozen little green tomatoes on it this morning.  We are very excited, especially my youngest who LOVES tomatoes.

Speaking of rain... thought you might like to see the results of our five full days of rain last week.

So, we end with this... the view around Thursday (day four of rain) from my back window.  The small pond under the Mulberries was fun.  We have the furniture airing on the lawn today in the sunshine.  Everything is drying out nicely.

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  1. Nice Leann! Here nearby in other town we have a company that sells heirloom seeds & plants from long ago. Lovely types of fruit and veges.