September 07, 2013

Growing Pumpkins

This is our second year growing pumpkins in our little backyard.  One thing we learned last year is that pumpkins really need a place to stretch out and grow.  They send off vine shoots and then little tendrils that wrap around things to stabilize it.  

They start out green and they do not turn orange until they are grown and have been out in the sun a good long time.  They do take water to maintain but that was expected.  I watered them daily... and am watering daily again this year.  For good healthy gourds I knock a few of the little pumpkins off so that not more than 2-3 are growing on a shoot at a time. 

The best time to plant pumpkins is sometime around Father's Day in America (June 17th or so)

I have not tried it yet but I hear from culinarians that the pumpkin blossoms are good eats, too.
One would pick them and then use a light batter to bread them and fry them.

The big yellow blossoms are open and ready for pollinating in the early mornings and typically by noon they are closed up and started to wither.  I seem to have a fresh dose of those blossoms every morning and the bees just swarm to them. 

I love having a pumpkin patch. We are trying to have the most sincere pumpkin patch again this year.  I do believe we shall make it... it is my favorite place to be as I stroll through the garden each morning to discover what new thing has happened overnight.  I just wonder, though... why did I wait so long to grow a garden in the first place.  It is a very rewarding hobby for me. 

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