September 05, 2013

In the Autumn Garden

I know it is not Autumn yet but I have a producing garden far past July this year and that makes me pretty happy.  I am sad I never had tomatoes make it but next year we are putting them in their own bed on the back wall with cages in hopes of giving them their own space to stretch out.

We are still enjoying the bounty of zucchini every few days.  My yellow squash is spent but the zucchini is still going strong and the bee population in my yard seems to have picked up, too, so there is lots of pollinating going on.  We... my littlest and I... also spotted a Monarch Butterfly this morning. So lovely!

I also have some pumpkins popping up and I will share more on those later but here is a little starter.

I am attempting some carrots and beets but they are so tiny still... not sure how they will do as the season progresses but I am watching them and watering them so we shall see.

The herb garden is doing nicely.  I have an abundance of mint and rosemary and hope to be drying some of that before the end of the season when it all goes to seed.

Rosemary shrub! 

My basil is heading to seed now but I still have time to gather the leaves and dry it for us during the winter.  

Ball Herb Jars... I love these.  They are brilliant!

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  1. very nice! well done. Mint is probably my favourite herb, so nice in a warm cup of boiled water.