September 04, 2013

Middle of the night trauma...

About a week ago we had a centipede enter the house through my sunroom... where the oldest lives.  Instead of killing it he just moved to the couch to sleep hoping it would disappear.  I suppose this is an ongoing pattern with this kid... ignore it and it goes away.  NOT!!!

So, it made it's way into our house and into our living room.  I tried chasing it down and it escaped behind the bookshelves and then I did not see him again for the next four days or so.  I prayed throughout that time that the children would not be hurt or freaked out.

Sometime in the night last night he decided to come into my bedroom and make his way to my bed.  At approximately 1:00 am I felt the little scratchy legs and a mouth about to chomp so I literally flung it across the room, heard something hit the wall and I switched the lamp on to see it scurrying across the floor.  At this point Dan and I were wide awake and that sucker was going to die before I dared close my eyes again.  

So, he died...

and it took me a solid hour to wind down enough to go back to bed.

I sat up in bed with the light on and read until I was calm and ready to close my eyes again.

This could have been so much worse!

He could have gotten in bed with one of my children and bit them.

He could have succeeded in biting me.

I am grateful for God's protection.  

I am grateful for answered prayer for my family.


  1. Are centipedes, like everything else, bigger in Texas? Because I've never known one here big enough to make a sound if I threw it against the wall. :)

    I do know what you mean about getting wound up after a bug killing incident, though. You can't help but wonder if he brought some friends with him. At least this one went to a buggy grave.

  2. You HEARD it hit the wall?? Oh good golly.

  3. Yes... I heard it hit the wall. I flung him hard but he was also 5 solid inches long and about 1/4 inch thick. He was pretty big but small as desert centipedes go. My son has seen them while he is out hiking and some are a foot long sometimes. LOL