September 21, 2013

Saturday Blog Reads...

I have been blog hopping a lot lately so I thought I would share some of my favorites for those of you who love blog reading.  Not sure you guys have noticed the changes but this is still a food blog, I promise.  I am just doing food differently these days.  I am trying to get back to more whole/real food and gardening and chickens are part of that process for us.  In finding my voice I realized I need to share the whole life we live instead of just the food we eat.  Food is such an intricate part of life and I want to share that bigger picture.  

Oh, I did not tell you.... we are getting chickens... TODAY!  

There will be blogging about chickens.  We are getting five 6 month old chickens from a family that cannot care for their chickens anymore.  We will be adding to our little flock come spring and as we need to over the coming years.  I am looking forward to this grand adventure!

Anyway... here are some blogs I love and have been reading as I prepare to write more in October and about life in the garden and with chickens.

The biggest questions on my mind today (besides chicken stuff) is the 31 Days of Blogging coming in October and what I will write and who is joining me?

With that in mind, here is what I am reading lately:

31 Day Reads

Here is the link to The Nester (Nesting Place)... the host for this 31 Day challenge.

Here are a few links regarding the challenge ahead...

Gardening/Farming Reads

(she has a book coming out in October!)

by Jenna Woginrich 
(whose books I am devouring right now)


Stay tuned for upcoming chicken news and if you did not know it.... 



  1. Chickens - woot! I visited one of my cousins last week who has also just gotten chickens and she gave me some lovely fresh eggs.

  2. If I can get my printer working again, I may do 31 days of gift quilts. I have pictures of many more than that, but a good portion were taken in the days of film cameras. I'd need to scan them in...