October 01, 2013

31 Days starts NOW!

For the month of October I will spend time reading, learning, implementing and sharing things about modern homesteading.  I will lean heavier on suburban homesteading because that is what my situation is.  The first thing we will do is define modern homesteading.

Three posts that lay down some guidelines for modern homesteading in very relevant and practical ways include....

For the purposes of our discussion here this is the fairly broad definition we will use and I will define what it looks like more for us as we go along this month.  

Urban Homestead [ur-buh n hohm-sted]

n. 1 a suburban or city home in which residents practice self-sufficiency through home food production and storage.
n. 2 the home and garden of a person or family engaging in sustainable small-scale agriculture and related activities designed to reduce environmental impact and increase self-sufficiency.
n. 3 a name describing the home of a person or family living by principals of low-impact, sustainable self-sufficiency through activities such as gardening for food production, cottage industry, extensive recycling, and generally simple living.
Borrowed from Urban Homesteading defined and specifically this post

This is truly a learning experience for me and I am just sharing it here in hopes that someone else might benefit, too.  I hope you will join me for the month and if you are doing a 31 days please share that with us in the comments so we can join you, too!

Thanks for stopping by!

You can find more 31 Dayer's over at The Nester... I am putting mine under the category of House and Home this year.

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