October 16, 2013

Cottage Industry

Cottage industry is a big part of what many homesteaders do.  They sell things they make or raise or bake/cook or grow from their own homes, at a farmer's market stand or even online.  There are so many options for work from home job ideas now.  

I have become more of a work from home kinda girl in recent years.  I bake and sell items from my kitchen as well as recently starting to sell Pampered Chef.  I have spent the last several days finishing up a cooking show/party event and most all the money I make goes to pay for lessons these days.  LOL  We also get the occasional extra item that might surprise us on our budget during the month, too, but mostly music lessons is the target for now.  

I enjoy what I do and I really do have a lot of time with my family.  I am able to keep chickens and garden and cook meals and keep house as well as help my family financially.  It is also a great alternative for me since the Lupus issues have worsened in the last few years.  I can take a day off to recuperate if I need to and I don't miss out on work like I would if I were going to an office or classroom each day.  

I am researching the idea of broadening my income a bit with selling some crocheted or sewn items on Etsy or maybe locally.

I will let you know if I put a shop up.

The Daily...

This week I cleared all the pumpkin and squash vines out of the garden and I will be working to remove weeds and any pests that might be trying to winter over (squash bugs).  We are now letting the chickens out into the yard for part of the day so that they can help us control the bug population and they can stretch their legs and get more sun.  Happy chickens lay more eggs so we are hoping the daily jaunts will be beneficial.  I am also not averse to the multitude of "fertilizer" these little girls are providing.  

I have already had several neighbors tell me that if I get to the point of having extra eggs they would be glad to buy from us.  We have such sweet neighbors!  We are praying for a new family for the house next door that is for sale and would love a chicken friendly family.  Friends would be even better.  At this point we cannot afford to sell any eggs because we are just feeding the family but there might come a day... We shall see.

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