October 11, 2013

Fall Read-a-thon starts in just hours!

I have debated about doing this because I know I have stuff tomorrow that has to be done and I cannot read ALL day but I decided to go ahead and read when I can.  I have a few books already in progress and will just read further in those.  Most of them are homestead reads so it stays with my theme this month for the 31 days, too.  

This is a really fun read-a-thon... Dewey's Read-a-Thon because they post every hour on the blog and they give lots of stuff away and encourage throughout the process.  I hope you will at least check out the website and see what they are up to.  



  1. I have 7 hours of rehearsal tomorrow, so I'll only be reading when I can, too. Should be fun!

  2. Reading is something I don't do enough of, I should get some more books. would help if our local library was open more than 1 day a week though -_-