October 21, 2013

Homestead skills make me more frugal and simple

When I say the words frugal and simple I mean that we save money and choose to live with less complicated systems.  It does not happen overnight but it is slowly happening over an extended period of time.  I posted a little picture a few years ago and I still try to live by this list...

I am following this philosophy this week as I am making a costume for my youngest for our annual Halloween Pack Meeting.  We don't typically do the trick or treat thing and never really have but we celebrate with our scouts so they can show off a cool costume and get a little bag of candy and just generally have a great time being together.  

I am digging through my fabric box this week and using what we have to make this costume.  

Three things will happen when I do this...

1.   We won't spend any money to put this costume together because we are using what we already have.

2.   We will, in turn, be clearing out the box and make the pile smaller.

3.   The boy can be involved in the whole process of helping design the items being made.  

Is it more work for me?  Yes... and that part may not be considered "simple" but for me it is enjoyable so I don't mind one bit.  I get to be creative and use up what we have and not spend a dime on it in the process.  The less complicated system comes when I don't have to leave my house to go and shop for this costume... I can stay home and not have to drive all over town looking for something specific when I have no idea where to look for such things.  We get exactly what we want without stepping foot outside the front door. Since I am a homebody this is very simple for me... 

The rest of my list this week looks a lot like cleaning the house and clearing out more stuff to give away.  We are also planning on making a new water system for the chickens and, again, we are using what we have to make it ourselves and youngest gets to work with tools!  Win!!!

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