October 07, 2013

Pumpkins almost ready...

Some green still on a few of the pumpkins but they are turning orange quickly now since the weather has cooled.  The leaves are dying off and there is no new growth... only seven lovely little pumpkins almost ready to be harvested and used.  We lost two in the rain storms due to mold but it happens and so we moved on to care for the 7 left.  They are beautiful!

Just about another week or so and we will clear the brush to plant for winter.

We are ready for pumpkin bread and pie and soup and any other yummy treats we can concoct from our most sincere little pumpkin patch.

We are also still growing carrots and the last of the summer tomatoes are turning red.  There is a fresh planting of lettuces and onion that we put in and there will be garlic planting soon.  I am looking at some more carrot and beet seeds to plant.  If I can find broccoli and/or brussel sprouts we still have a bit of time to put those in for winter growth.  This will be our first winter attempt and I am so excited for that!


  1. Carrots and tomatoes both go in my pumpkin soup - you've a garden full of my favorite soup! The only thing that wasn't in my peapod order this week was the pie pumpkin...they were all out. Time to hit the farmers' market.

  2. Aww.. you make me want to have a garden! My kids asked me yesterday if we can buy pumpkins and make pumpkin pie. I don't know how and it seems like a lot of work compared to opening a can of pie filling. ;)