October 05, 2013

Some observations

I can assure you that I have been learning new things about homesteading and making some plans for our own transformation to a simpler more homestead existence.  

The modern term of homesteading does not refer to the original Homestead Act of 1862.  It refers more to a way of life that is more of a "back to basics" approach and can be defined in very broad terms.  (Two articles that helped us understand are What is Modern Homesteading by Victoria Gazeley.... and also this one entitled the same... What is Modern Homesteading from Little Homestead on the Hill)

It has become a way of life that moves one more toward growing your own food and keeping livestock as well as finding alternative forms of energy and conserving certain natural resources for a "lighter footprint/saving Mother Earth" approach.  It is a huge spectrum of skills and choices that seem to be different for each individual/family.  It can range from urban gardening in containers to running a farm or even to the preppers and survivalist movements.  There are lists all over the internet from The 10 Elements of Urban Homesteading to the 101 Basic Homestead Skills.  The possibilities are endless!

So, this means that I need to find what works for our family in this.  As Christians it also means that we might be doing this for a different reason than "lighter footprint/Mother Earth" and that I need to seek out what God's word says about being a good steward of all He has put into our circle of responsibility.  This way of living is not in the absolute category by any stretch of the imagination in God's word so each person must determine how much or how little to implement for their needs and situation.

Does that mean that everyone should keep chickens?  Nope...

Or that everyone should grow zucchini?  Nope...

Does everyone need to convert their house to solar energy or use their greywater to water the garden?  Nope...

Ultimately our trust is in a God who can provide for our every need and that is our ultimate bottom line.  As for me and my house... we will serve the Lord.  I suspect if you read here your bottom line is very much the same in that regard.

My goal is to find ways to save our family money and be a good steward all at the same time.

So the remainder of this month will be about what homesteading looks like for our family and some things that are drawing me toward learning skills.  This is not a how-to series but rather a journey toward who WE are as a family and ways we can move toward a slower simpler life.

I want to enjoy each day along with my family and our home and I want to be a lifelong learner.

I want to share just a little excitement in our home this week.  We have had our little girls for two weeks now and the first week they laid a dozen eggs for us.  We started them on a new feed regimen for layers with a 20% protein content plus a daily treat of kitchen scraps and some mealworm and we got 17 eggs this week!  WOOHOO!!!  It is the small things in life that excite us around here. 

Here is a little sampling of the variety of eggs we get throughout the week... different shapes and sizes and it is like Christmas for my youngest to go out and check each day for eggs.  He is loving his life with chickens!

Stay tuned for my stack of reading material that will take me far beyond the month of October to read and study.  This journey is so much fun!!!


  1. So glad you are sharing it!

  2. Loving this post. btw my cousin has chickens too, I got some fresh eggs from her, lovely. I refuse to buy cage ones now. Just the thought of those poor chickens stressed out is awful.