October 09, 2013

The Learning List

I have so many things I still want to learn.  As I read I am finding out that many of the skills of homemaker and women of generations before us are things we are just not teaching our children anymore.  Homesteaders are thrifty resourceful people!  Many of them garden, raise animals, sew, do other handicrafts like knitting, crochet, and embroidery.  They make their own soaps and candles and are expert canners and preppers.  Many are beekeepers and woodcrafters, hunters and fishermen, and they use everything and are not wasteful. 

What I find fascinating is that, as scouters, we are learning these things and not even realizing they are homestead skills.  I have a lot of skills under my belt already and that excites me!

With that being established I still have so much more to learn.

So, I want to make a list... a list of things I want to try and learn more about this next year.  I don't want to overwhelm myself but I want to be continually learning and growing in this area of my life.

The List

*   For the Kitchen... Prepping the pantry - canning, storage, drying and preserving food for my family and MAKING CHEESE

*   Hunting and preparing wild game - I did a bit of this a few weekends ago at a Women in the Outdoors event.  I had the best time learning how to use a shotgun and some basic archery skills.  I really love the archery and would like to learn more about hunting with a bow.

*   Making soap - I have dabbled but I really want to get down to the nitty gritty on this (no puns intended)

*   More sewing and handiwork skills

*   More about composting and gardening for a bigger vegetable garden next year and a small cutting garden with flowers just for me

*   More on rainwater collecting

*   More on solar energy and converting a small portion of our home this year to learn firsthand about the process.

*   Using our grey-water runoff from the washing machine to water garden areas.

*  More on DIY furniture restoration and make it myself projects

*   More about companion planting and organic pest control

*   Take some classes at our local RelianceOutdoor Supply store

*   Expand our cottage industry skills to include selling non-food items on Etsy.  Which means I am learning more about Etsy!

That could easily fill up a year or two, right?


  1. If, by chance, pre-trib rapture is NOT what God has planned, I'm going to come down and join you all for the duration, as you'll have the knowledge to be self sufficient. I can bring sewing and quilting skills and a few other things to the table.

  2. You are welcome anytime! I would love it if you could teach me more about sewing and quilting. :)