October 26, 2013

Too much...

We are so exhausted!  I have said continually that band and football will be the death of me every single October but I am still here.  LOL  We just have two more weeks of both but there is also holiday concert season and all the region tryout events, rehearsals and concerts.  I am contemplating a real time of hibernation in December this year.  I am so grateful for my time at home during the days with my youngest where we can take a slower pace with school, gardening chores, chickens and housework.  

I am still working through my Autumn garden chores... and kinda being a bit dreamy already with the seed catalogs.

There is the clearing of the flower beds and weeds.  We need to run the weed eater over the back garden area one more time and turn all the soil over.  I still need a good composting system but until then I am using a big bucket in the kitchen.  I am in dire need of new garden tools.  Mine have either been broken or lost by these crazy children of mine.  New hand tools... garden gloves... garden wellies and/or clogs.... just need new stuff.

There needs to be a bit of winterizing of the chicken coop, too.

The girls are presenting me with new learning opportunities almost daily.  Just about a week ago we started to really notice that three of the five were molting.  There are feathers falling everywhere and new soft growth showing up every day.  The egg production has dropped off a bit with that and then there's Clara... my little bantam Australorp who has gone a bit broody.  Silly girl... I have taken to lifting her out of the brood box and taking the eggs from her daily.  She is so calm and still when she is in that brood box but she will softly peck at me when it looks like I am taking the eggs.  I am hoping to draw her out of it quickly.  

Tomorrow we will let the girls out in the yard again and close the coop area for a little to keep her out in the yard with the others.  They all love roaming around the backyard free from the confines of the kennel and coop area.  Removing her and making her stay with the others is the best suggestion I have come across for this.  I am constantly reading about how to handle things and am grateful for my new little chicken library of books.  Who am I kidding... I just love reading books.

Yesterday I got to watch as my Rhode Island Reds frolicked in a full blown dirt bath with each other.  They are so curious to watch.

I also discovered they love pumpkin innards.  I have six more pumpkins to bake so I know where most of that leftover stuff is going.... straight to the chickens.

So, two more weeks of band and football... a few more weeks of rehearsals and concerts... some auditions and lots of practicing and perfecting of etudes and piano pieces plus a theory test for two kiddos and then.... then I can slow down... maybe sleep a little later.... hang out and watch movies with the kids a little more often and enjoy brunch on the weekends together with scones and fresh scrambled eggs and coffee and then it will be Christmas.

Oh goodness... 

I have not even started planning and preparing and shopping... 

I am thinking this one will be very scaled back but still...

I guess slow is out of the question for a bit longer.  

Oh well.

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  1. Make sure you don't burn yourself out, have some quiet time too :D