November 13, 2013

Half a month gone...

Life seems to be flying by and Thanksgiving is almost upon us again!   October is always what we call "Band-tober" because it is loaded with rehearsals and contests for the entire month for our children's marching band.  It is a little nuts and even more so when we have a child getting to do the featured solo (which happens occasionally).  Our daughter was the flute soloist and there was a flute ensemble feature part this year, too.  The whole section did a beautiful job.

Once that is over I get just a tiny glimmer of hope for some rest and then all-region season begins... all-region middle school band, all-region choir for high school, all region high school band.  On top of that are all the rehearsals for Christmas programs that step up the practice time.  It can be quite overwhelming and invariably I let the old blog go during such times.

I am trying to organize my home and my thoughts as we are heading at breakneck speed toward a new year, too.  We are clearing out stuff and getting ready to shift lots of furniture and rooms to make it more comfortable for us and to be able to give Dan a desk space that he has needed for years.  I just hope he does not let it pile up once it moves into the house.  I might have to make a curtain to cover his space at some point.  I kid... sorta... ;)  Hmmmm.... maybe a partition.  Maybe...

Oldest is preparing to move out soon so I am going to reclaim the sunroom, too.  I am thinking of turning it into a sunroom/mudroom for garden tools, work clothes, some cute wicker furniture, and a small partitioned area for my kitchen shelf that is being stored out there with stuff on it.  I would actually like to clear the kitchen out enough to move everything in but that would also require a remodel which is out of our price range at the moment.  Eventually...

For the next few weeks I am currently doing a Thanksgiving study and then an Advent study through the Good Morning Girls website.  The studies keep me focused on what is truly important.  I am also reading a few books that are Advent and season related.  One is called Christmas is Not Your Birthday by Michael Slaughter.  I have a few Advent devotional/seasonal books that I have pulled out to read through December, too.  If you are interested in keeping up with what I am reading you can go to my Good Reads link in the sidebar and it is updated as I add and finish books.

The chickens are doing well.... they are back to laying better since the molting Rhode Island Reds and one broody Australorp.  We have just been loving them through the process and they are rewarding us again with delicious eggs.  They are sweet curious creatures.

My tomatoes and carrots are still going strong so I am letting them stay in the garden to run their course.

We have opted this year to wait on turning on the heater and it has been rather pleasant in the house with it off.  My sinuses are thanking me for not tormenting them with that dry dusty air, too.  The temps have not been too unbearable... lows in the 40's and sometimes into the 30's but I just throw on a cardigan and continue moving to work around the house and yard.

I am still baking for anyone who wants to order and am currently taking orders for Thanksgiving.  I am also still doing 2-3 shows a month with Pampered Chef and enjoy those events that get me out and enjoying friends.  We use the extra money I make to pay for music lessons and incidentals that crop up with kids... and there are always incidentals when you have kids.  You moms know exactly what I mean!

So, I think you are up to speed.... hope I have not bored you with my little update.  Life is not complicated around here.  In Him we live and move and have our being...  (Acts 17:28)  God is good all the time and in everything and we are grateful.

Thanks for stopping by!


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