November 01, 2013

What I learned in 31 days...

I know I did not post much but I read every single day about different aspects of homesteading and I have determined to do the following based on what I learned.

1.   I cannot learn everything all at once and I should not even try to.  It would be far too overwhelming so I have determined to learn something new each month or two over the next few years.  I can pick a skill and then start learning and try it and then once I have the basics I can take my learning to a more advanced level.  So for the new year I am already planning some projects to try and see what I like best.

2.   There are a ton of books on the topic and I will take the next year or so to read more.  I am currently just diving into a book by Joel Salatin I picked up in the library and have decided I might want to just buy the book for myself.  It is called Folks, This Ain't Normal and it is great!

3.   Being ecologically aware is part of the process and as much as I have railed against the politically correct aspect of it I can certainly heed the Biblical aspect of it and will spend more time searching God's word on being a better steward of what He has given us.

4.   You do not have to live in the country to have a beautifully functioning homestead situation.

5.   Simpler living needs to be part of what we do for us to become good homesteaders.  We will be learning to live with less (as we have been for several years now) and we will decide what is important and what needs to go away in our lives both materially and in our use of time and resources.

6.   I want a bigger garden next year and have already ordered seed catalogs which will be arriving in the mail soon.

7.   I make a lot of things at home but want to add to that and refine my sewing, crocheting and home crafting skills more in the coming year.

8.   We definitely want to try raising a few rabbits and then see how that goes.  If it goes well we will probably upgrade to angora rabbits at some point.  I would love to be able to spin yarn and use angora for more lovely items as I learn to crochet and maybe knit.

9. I have decided to participate in more events locally to learn  more outdoor skills.

10.   There will be FAR more canning and prepping in our home in 2014.

These are all things I have decided as I read this month... stay tuned for the adventure that is to come.

Coming in November and December will be more holiday from the homestead posts with recipes, some projects we are working on and more about the chickens.  I am looking at a photo challenge attempt again today and will let you know.

As always, thank you for stopping by and reading!


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  1. You have got some good things on your list to do! We love rabbits, unfortunately so does my dog which is why we don't have any.