February 28, 2014

What's on your nightstand?

I got away from using prompts a few years ago but they have such great value when you want to write and don't know what to write about.  I have shared my struggle with reading books over the years and it still plagues me to this day.  I take on too many at one time and then get bogged down in what I want to read out of the stack on any given day.  It can be paralyzing as I sit down to read and then just cannot choose.  Anyway, there is the constant stream of books flowing in and out of my stack each month and the stack looks like this today...

Here is the stack in a nutshell.  Let me take you through each one with a little more detail as the post suggests here

The giant purple book on the far left is my Bible... this is the inside cover because it is easier to read than the purple spine.  I read this every day and it sits on the bedside table 365 days a year.  It is my study Bible.  I have a small one that goes in my purse but this is the honking big one that is my favorite with tons of study notes, maps, commentary, etc...  and it is PURPLE!

I am currently reading with the IF:Equip blog and we are reading through the book of John so I pulled out my commentary on John from the HCSB publishers to give me a little extra something to ponder... as if the book of John alone is not enough, right?  It is my favorite book of the Bible to study and I am delighted to be in it right now.  I am also doing the Intentional Focus study with the Good Morning Girls group and an online Facebook group of ladies.

I am about to start this one... picked it up on a recommendation from Joel Salatin at Polyface Farms when I read an article by him.  Jenna Woginrich of Cold Antler Farm and Barnheart fame also recommended it

Yes, I am still reading this.... I got sidetracked but love and can really relate to what she shares here.  Check her out at her blog Gluten Free Girl for more about her and her books.

I picked this one up on a sale table with a gift card from Barnes and Noble.  I have been meaning to read more fairytales and this quote is the reason why...  

This book is a new book on the market but I picked it up at the used bookstore for about $4.00.  It is my never ending search to know why I feel like crap most days and my arthritis and brain are such a struggle.  I am hoping what I learn here and in Gluten Free Girl will give me some answers to make some changes to feel better and better.

and this one.... because I have Lupus and the more you know your enemy the better you can fight it, so, yeah... it is in my stack.

Em just finished this one and I am rereading it so that we can read another one that we just purchased (which I will share in it's own post when I read it).  I just need this kind of escape from time to time.

I got this one from Paperbackswap.com and it is about farms and a memoir and it has bluebonnets and a chicken on the cover... what is not to love!  LOL

This is my current book to read with a group.  We are starting the study - a live online broadcast every Monday night -  on Monday March 3rd and I will do another post on this one shortly, too.  You can go here to find out more and to join in if you like.

So what is on your nightstand???

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