March 01, 2014

Homesteading Devotional E-Book... a review

I recently received an electronic copy of this charming devotional booklet.  Susie Shock is the homestead blogger over at Our Simple Farm.  The blog is loaded with lots of great tutorials, videos and encouragement for the modern day Christian homesteader.

This e-book contains 15 heartwarming devotionals complete with lovely photography, scripture verses, personal testimony, a closing prayer and a homestead recipe for each day.  Susie opens up her life and heart in each devotional to encourage us through the daily trials and tribulations of being a wife, mother, woman and homesteader in our modern day and age.  She is open and honest about her life and the things that God has brought her family through.  She is quite the busy woman but she takes time to be in prayer and spend time in God's word each day.  I love that she is willing to share the things that God is teaching her in this format.  Her book reminds us in simple daily devotionals that we are not alone.

The recipes she shares are not just for delicious comfort meals, breakfast treats, and desserts (although there are plenty of those... YUM!) but she also shares recipes for making items we use every day like toothpaste and cleaners for around the house, canning ideas, home remedies, and ideas for pampering one's husband.

If you are a Christian homesteading woman I think you will find this devotional a real treat.  It is downloadable in a PDF format that can be added to your computer or e-reader very easily for quick access.

For more information  or to order your own copy you can go to her book site here

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