March 04, 2014

Lent begins...

My focus this year has been working with my hands and leading a quiet life of faith.  As we begin the 2014 Lenten season I am imposing some things upon my days. 

*  My morning reading will be similar to what I normally do with the addition of a book each morning and an added Lenten reading.  I have been working through the Intentional Focus study with the Good Morning Girls and it ends in about 8 days so I will be replacing that with a book on Holiness.  I am reading Restless by Jennie Allen and working online through their book study videos and activities.  I am also reading through the book of John with the IF:Equip group (also hosted by Jennie Allen and friends).  

* I am going to be walking each day.  The duration and length will vary but some kind of walk to clear my mind each day.

*  I am incorporating a modified Daniel Fast which will include eggs and herbal teas with the traditional Daniel Fast.  Sundays will be a day I can eat meat but still no caffeine or sugar.  I am doing this for the aspect of prayerful seeking as well as finding some answers and relief from the Lupus symptoms that are a bit out of control lately.

* I will be cleaning and purging the house over the next 6 weeks.  Bags and boxes and trash will all be leaving the house as I make a simpler more clutter free home for my family.

* I will be limiting my time online.  I am not sure how this plays out yet but I will not be online first thing in the mornings and will be turning the internet off on my phone.  I will only check e-mail and texts and anything else will have to be done during my limited computer usage.  I shared an article this morning on my Facebook called The Input Monster...  about the distraction of technology and the timing on seeing that was certainly perfect.  Input will include thoughtful music, less movies and television stuff and much more reading time and quiet time.

* Lastly, there will be handiwork projects.... still working on a plan for those but there will be gardening, crochet and sewing, and baking and such.  

So, that is it.... what are you doing for Lent?  I would love to hear from you!  :)

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