March 02, 2014

Lenten Season for 2014

First and foremost a relationship with God is not about rules and regulations.  It is a relationship... and like any good relationship we are constantly learning more and more about each other and spending time together.  The ways we learn more about God are through studying the Word He gave us and during time in prayer and meditation on His word and ways.

Lent is a focused time... over 40 days... for us to focus on God and how He is speaking to us.  It is a time, if you so choose, to set aside things that distract us to bring a deeper focus to the relationship that God calls us to with Him.  I am typically not one for "giving up stuff" for Lent but I am all about doing things to focus my spiritual eyes and to pray with much focus on some aspects of my walk and life with Christ.

As I said before, it is not about rules and regulations but, for me, I need to impose some personal limits and goals that help me to accomplish the task of setting my mind and focus on Him.  Lent looks different for each person just like our personal journey with Christ looks different for everyone.  We all encounter different trials and tribulations along the way and have different lessons to learn from those around us.  I am praying as I move into this season of Lent that God will guide me into a deeper walk and I am praying for some very specific things in my prayer time.

I am putting some links that I am reading through over the next few days below.  I share these in case anyone else might be interested in such things so if this is helpful I would love to hear from you that it is.

The Meaning of Lent

Ken Collins on Lent

How Lent Can Make a Difference in Your Relationship With God

The Confused Protestant's Guide to Lent

The Church Year site - Lent

Some Devotional Sites...

BrightSadness Lent readings

High Calling Downloadable Lent Guide

Devotions for Lent - I have this one on my Nook and it is downloadable from Amazon, too.  It is a nice read.

Lenten Lights by John Piper

The Village Church Lenten Guide - this is a pdf file

Shrove Tuesday is this coming Tuesday with Ash Wednesday to follow and then the season is upon us.  If you are joining in I would love to hear what you are doing for your season.

UPDATED:  There is a bit of overlap but this is my link post from last year just for more references...

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