March 10, 2014

Spring Break is here...

We started our spring break with a Saturday at Merit Badge University and a Jazz Festival Contest.   Dan took Em to perform on the piano with her jazz band Saturday morning and I took our middle boy up to New Mexico State University to work on his climbing merit badge.  It took all day for him to complete it.  They went up on the mountain to do the climbing and repelling and fulfill the requirements for this.  

While he was on the mountain I spent time visiting with other moms and some scout leader friends from a variety of troops in the southwest area that I have met over the past 12 years of our time in scouting.  I also wandered around the campus a bit to check out the farm animals.  It is an agriculture and livestock school to a large degree.  I loved the sheep!  They have been lambing over the past few weeks and the lambs are all so sweet.  The different breeds and coloring on each are fascinating.  This particular photo was taken during a feeding time so they are lining up to eat in the trough.  They are used for trials for masters and doctorate students to use.  I learned that you can keep four sheep for every one cow in the spaces provided and that many trials are done on sheep instead of cows.  The information transfer to cattle application works because they are so similar that they get valid results for both animals.  I had a great time just watching sheep and visiting.  It was nice to have the down time.

On Sunday we attended church, ate at Dan's parents and then went to see Son of God on post at the Grand Theater.  I love going on post.  The boys always gravitate toward the giant chess board.  They are so funny carrying those giant pieces around to make a play! 

We woke to temps in the upper 30's and lower 40's this morning.  It has been a bit cooler the last few days and it has been nice.  The heat will be here soon enough.  

The chickens are back to laying daily... at least the three that are not BROODY!  Our two Australorps are broody now and we are contemplating some baby chicks to shove under them to draw them out.  We wanted to add a chick or two this season anyway so this might work out for us.  The only problem is that we need girl chicks because we are not allowed to have a rooster in the city limits.  I am not sure how to handle it if I have to take a chick back and make "Mama" mad that her baby is gone.  I will need to talk to the chicken guy out at the feed store to see what he recommends and go from there.

Aren't these eggs beautiful?!?!  

Dan (and two of our boys) and a guy that works at our church (landscaping guy) started a walkway in our front yard this morning.  They knocked out the border this morning and will lay in the sheets of flagstone tomorrow.  Dan has been saving up money to get this done and I am so glad to see some curb appeal work being done so soon.  I say soon... we have only been in this house for 11 years now.  LOL  I mean soon because of how fast we were able to save up to do it once we made a plan.

So, we have only just started our week and have been super hard at work it seems.  I don't plan that every day is this busy over the break but I did knock out some laundry and deep cleaned on the kitchen some this morning.  I also made laundry detergent and made a grocery run so we can eat the rest of the week.

I am still working through some study materials with the Good Morning Girls and the If:Equip groups as well as staying on my caffeine, gluten and sugar fast.  It seems to be taking some time to detox this time but I am not miserable like I have been in years past when I have done this.  I am still having the achy-ness and headaches but they are tolerable.  It helps to eat really nourishing food and drink lots of water through this process.

The rest of the week holds some gardening chores and chicken coop cleaning and relocating.  I need to fix my Adirondack chair and repaint it for a new season.  There will also be sewing and crochet and reading.... those things I truly enjoy so they are not like work to me.

I will keep you posted on the chick situation.  LOL  You might get a recipe or two this week, too.  I am still cooking and baking all the time.  I need to discipline myself to write things down and share them with you.

Are you on spring break this week?  
What are you working on in your time off?  
I would love to hear!

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