April 26, 2014

Good Grief

Checking in again for the Read-a-thon.... sorry if this is driving you crazy but I am checking in several times today so there will be posts for each time.

I am always frustrated at read-a-thon time because my family does not stop so I can read.  I still have to make a run for laundry soap stuff, do dishes, make sure laundry is done for Sunday, drive children to events(track meet today and piano competition today) and make meals.  No one else will do these things (except the older children do their own laundry) and I always think it is caught up before I start only to find out someone (read youngest and hubby) forgot to bring me clothes or has been hoarding dishes in their CAR!!! So, to quote my favorite pessimist Charlie Brown.... GOOD GRIEF!!!

I have not read much and now I am hungry so I started the dishwasher and am now making lunch and then I am going to my room and closing the door until 4:00 pm to read.  At that time I have to make dinner and then family time happens.  Out of a 24 hour period I might get about 6 to 8 hours of reading done.  I check into the website to see if I won anything and see what challenges and fun is up and then it is over.  BUT... I love it anyway... love being here... love the posts and the people... love the challenge of stretching my reading wings.... and the other books I find out about through this that I put on a wishlist to find later.

So, with that said.... I am eating and then reading.

Peace out!  ;)


  1. That's why I cannot plan stuff on Saturdays. Really, ever.

    1. I totally get that... but I do love it so much! I have won a book for two years in a row now and the fun posts they share are great. I probably read a lot less because of all the post they do and the ones I have written this year but I am reading... all day online and off. :) Enjoy that after prom event at home tonight!!!

    2. Plan to! I made Grandma's banana bread (baking now) and will do crescent and cinnamon rolls. I'm also making a breakfast casserole from the old WAH cookbook. I may not be a super cook, but I can bake!!! :)