April 22, 2014

Missing Miss Martha...

Today was an emotional day for our youngest.  We posed a question to him a week ago.  Would he be willing to give up one broody chicken to a good home?  One of our cub scout's grandmother has a father who is 90 who wants to breed his rooster and have a hen and baby chicks around the place.  We thought it might be a good fit with one of our broody girls and so we asked Josh what he thought about it.

He chose.  

He chose to give a broody chicken a new home.  

He chose to send her to a home with a rooster.  

He chose to let her have her own babies and be happy.  

We chose Martha... she is feisty and pecks at the other hens a lot.  She will be more calm with a rooster we are thinking.  She won't have other hens to boss around but will have babies to tend to and that will be better for her.

It will be interesting to see how the other birds adjust.  Even just a few hours after she is gone the whole hen houseful feels much more calm.

The choice made him shed a few tears and he will be sad for a few days as he goes out to care for the others that are still here and realizes over and over that she is no longer here.  He will miss her.... we will miss her.  The last words the new owner said to me as they were packing her into the van was that she would call when there were chicks and that he could come and pick one out to bring home.  He can be a grandpa at 10 years old!  LOL

Martha on the left and Clara on the right

In the meantime, we still have a broody girl here.... Clara... and we have called the feed store to ask when new chicks will arrive.  We have placed wooden eggs under her and she took them in and has been sitting on them all day.  We will give her about a week before the new chicks arrive at the feed store and see how she does on those eggs.  If she is serious she will stay on them day and night and then we will get two babies for her and shove them under her in the middle of the night and let her become a mother, too.  

I have spent a great deal of time researching "surrogate hens" and we have made a plan.  Now, we wait... until next week... and then the test.  Will she take the babies readily?  If she takes them under her wing in the middle of the night and loves and nurtures them we are good to go.  

This is an exciting new adventure for our boy... and for the family.  

Stay tuned as it all unfolds.  


  1. As I recall the Doctor's Martha only lasted a season before moving on....in all seriousness, I'm impressed with your boy , making the hard choice for the benefit of the hen over his own feelings.

  2. Diane's right! LOL Oh well. I'm proud of your son's choice.