April 27, 2014

To Hail and Back Again...

Saturday April 19 was the Great Hail Storm for 2014.  It was a mess and I stood quietly at the window as I watched the garden getting pummelled.  It was horrible!  I was not sure we would come out of this one without having to buy all new plants and start over.

So not a fashion statement.... I was trying to stay dry as I went out to see what kind of damage had been done.  That white is not snow... it is all hail.  A whole lot of hail!
The water was three to four inches deep in spots.  Had to don my wellies to go out in it. 

What a mess... this is the sideyard that was covered in ice and water from the flash flood and hail.

The herbs weathered the storm remarkably well.  All my mint was intact!

I was able to go out and scoop the ice from around the base of the plants to keep it from sitting in the freezing ice for too long.

We thought we would lose all the tomato and pepper plants.

When all was said and done... one week later we have all the tomato and pepper plants still growing with a minimal amount lost.  We lost some of the apricots and peaches off the trees but not all of it.  Our sunflowers seemed to be doing well with only a few broken plants.  We added all the fallen green leaves to the compost pile this week and have not had to replant anything.  I did, however, get another eggplant from my FIL to replace a sad one that is barely hanging on.  I even have tomatillo and squash seeds coming up since the event.

We have started watering the yard again for the grass so the green should be returning soon and the chickens are still enjoying those mulberries as they fall each day.

I think we survived it all and everything is back to normal.

More from the garden later this week.  

Happy gardening to you all!!!

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