May 17, 2014

A Certain Sadness...

I am sad to inform you all that we lost our baby chicks sometime during the night on Friday.  They, somehow, got out of the coop and pen and we were unaware of it.  We have no idea what happened but we woke to feed everyone this morning and they were just gone... Clara was frantic and then truly sad for the entire day.  She wandered around looking for them sporadically throughout the day.  There were tears... Josh and me... and it will take time to shake it because of how odd the whole thing was.

Our suspicion is that they got out before we closed the chickens up for the night and we assumed they were there and did not check before we closed it.  The most odd part is that Clara was in the coop and never made a peep that something might be wrong.  We never heard anything during the night.  It is all confusing but we move forward.  There was no sign of any foul play (no pun...) but we suspect a neighborhood cat or fox probably took them off for a meal.

We will try our little adoption plan again later in the summer.  We want to get through some hurdles and then we will be able to focus on working it out again for her to be a mommy.

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