June 22, 2014

My Poor Little Peach Tree

She is full and heavy with fruit right now.  Dan has propped her up so she won't snap in half from all the weight.  I promise we lightened her load at the beginning of the season and then a hail storm took more of the fruit but she is still full and heavy.  I have been putting a lot more water on the tree this year so the fruit will be plump and edible and it worked but now she is straining to stay up.   

We have her covered right now so the birds cannot get to the fruit and if you take a peek... go ahead.... take a peek... 

the fruit is beautiful and almost ripe enough to pick.  

All the fruit will come off on the same day and then there will be a massive peeling day and putting it up in the freezer.  There will also be a cobbler or pie right away.  If I get really industrious there will be peach preserves to can.  One little tree with lots of fruit and we will enjoy what we can while it lasts. Someday I hope to have a whole orchard but for now I will settle for my little full tree and restore her to her upright position as soon as we can to strengthen her for next year.  

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  1. lovely peaches! you're very blessed :-)