June 21, 2014

The state of things

A whole month has gone by since my last post.  I shared that we lost the baby chicks to a critter.  Well, that critter returned about a week later and got all the adult hens, too.  A silver fox got into the henhouse and killed them all except one but she was so badly injured we had to have her put down, too.  It has been sad not having them anymore.  The coop sits open and empty and is a daily reminder of how much we miss them.  We do plan on getting more but it will have to be when we can have a very secure place for them to be so this will never happen again.  It will take time and some investigation into how we can do this well.  

Goodbye to Donna, Amy, Rose, and Clara...  we miss them terribly!

The summer garden is in full swing and we are getting squash, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, carrots, and some little strawberries now.  We are still waiting on cucumber, melons, and tomatillos.

Jalapenos, yellow squash, cherry tomatoes and one Better Boy

Carrots and Swiss Chard

Our peach tree is full of almost ripe beautiful peaches and we have covered it with netting to keep the birds away so we can actually harvest them.  I have watered a lot more this year and they are full and lovely.  We picked the apricots already but the birds took about 75% of those before they were fully ripe.  

We planted our first Pomegranate bushes this year and we have baby poms starting... they are so cute!

We have had a tough month starting with the loss of the chickens.  We had some plumbing issues and water was flooding the garage, then flat and low tires due to punctures on both vehicles and now we have had the heating element go out on the dryer.  We have replaced one tire and the other is waiting until I don't need the car so Dan has been pumping it up every couple of days as it loses air.  I should be able to get it into the shop for two new tires this next week.  As for the dryer... we hung a clothesline for the duration because we are just not fixing it right now.  It is around 100 degrees every day and things dry fast here in the desert so it is a good solution for the summer.  I have wanted a clothesline anyway so this is as good a time as any.  

Day camp is over and I have officially given notice that I will not be doing it next year with the Scout Council.  This year was amazing and I loved being with the boys and providing a ton of fun but I am tired.  I loved being there and providing such a program for my youngest son but he is moving on to Boy Scouts next year so it is time.  You cannot imagine the weight that has lifted off my shoulders in just closing it yesterday and knowing I never have to think about that again!  It is tons of work and physically I am just not up to the challenge.  Two years in a row it has sent me into a Lupus flair just working toward it and dealing with it all.  It is time.... moving forward now.

The rest of my summer is about family and some DIY projects and cleaning and clearing more of this house.  The garden is a daily delight for me even when I am pulling weeds.  There will be books and crochet projects and a little Christmas gifty planning.  I am giving myself a book challenge, too.  I will post that for you guys later today or tomorrow morning.  

We now officially have two high school students, a fifth grader and we also have an enlisted man...

We are excited for his new adventures to come.

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