August 31, 2014

A New Month...

Here we go folks!  It is already September and as the weather starts to change I get the urge to do new things that get me ready for fall and move me in a different... a better direction.  I am behind in planting for the fall garden because life has been on overdrive.  That must happen this week.  

If you didn't already know it we shipped our oldest off to Marine boot camp in San Diego last week.  Traumatic and bittersweet were the words for last week's emotional rollercoaster.  We are so proud and yet miss him terribly.  

You have to know these photos are for my parents, right?

This is the official "Swearing in" ceremony they do before they ship.

I love that they let us do a lot of photos during this time... 
it is really about the families on a day like this.

We also started school... on the same day as oldest's swearing in to leave.  

First day of school photos...

My high schoolers!  Goodness, where has the time gone?

I spent most of the week wandering around in a daze.  My mind would not focus on anything.  It is better now and I am making a list and working through my calendar for September as I write this.  There are things coming in September...

Blog Posts
Cleaning and Clearing plans
Crochet projects and maybe some Sewing projects
Menu plans and recipes

The goal is to blog daily for the month of September and the in October there will be a 31 Days of series again.

Stay tuned!

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